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About Celiaccess:

What is Celiaccess?

Celiaccess is a project that began in 2009 to assist individuals in the Celiac and Gluten-free community with locating gluten-free products and restaurants. While there are some gluten-free food and restaurant data sources available at this time, many of these are costly, out-of-date, or confusing to read. Celiaccess is designed to make gluten information easy to find, accessible, and dynamic.

How can Celiaccess help me?

Celiaccess provides a quick way to check the gluten-free status of products. Search for the name of your favorite product and instantly see the latest “gluten-free status updates” added by other members of If you are looking for a gluten-free dining experience, search for gluten-free restaurants on the site.

What does it cost?

Celiaccess is a free service. Users are invited to sign up for a free account, which will allow them to add, edit, and comment on the site's content. There is NO FEE to join. Our hope is that you will find Celiaccess to be an extremely valuable tool for finding gluten-free information and that you will even contribute back your own expertise to the community.

What is the vision for Celiaccess?

The developers of Celiaccess envision one central, no-cost website that will list countless brands and varieties of food along with gluten-free status information. The site will be dynamic; users will instantly be able to provide up-to-date gluten status information on foods and restaurants. We’re counting on YOU, the users, to contribute your best information to the site! Eventually the site will include complete coverage of gluten-free dining options around the globe. Wanting to make this information as accessible as possible, we have already rolled out a mobile version of the website and an Android App. Look forward to more great innovations like this in the future!

Who are the developers?

Celiaccess is run by Trey and Lindsay Grainger, a husband and wife team living in Atlanta, GA. Lindsay works in health and safety, and Trey works as a software engineer. Together Lindsay and Trey have begun this project as an effort to share their passion for health, technology, and the combination of both. We hope all members of the Celiac community, friends and families, and those with gluten intolerance will enjoy an easier life because of our work!