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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

1) What if I forget my password?
There is a "Forgot Password?" link on the login page. Alternatively, you can Click Here to reset your password. Once you provide your E-mail address or UserName, we will e-mail you a link which will allow you to create a new password for your account.

2) What if I forget my username/email?
Both your username and e-mail are on display on your MyCeliaccess Page. If you are unable to login due to forgetting your E-mail address, but you still remember your UserName, then you can enter your UserName on the Forgot Password page, and an e-mail will be sent to you. You can then look through your e-mail accounts for confirmation of your user information. This e-mail will also contain your UserName and a link allowing you to reset your Password (if you desire).

3) How accurate is this information?
The information on this site is provided by site users and is only as accurate as the person contributing the information. Celiaccess is not liable for any of the gluten free information or misinformation provided on this site. If you have any questions regarding the gluten safety of a product, please independently contact the manufacturer and/or speak with your physician.

4) What if I find misinformation on the site?
If you find gluten information on the site that is incorrect, please feel free to correct this information by signing up for a user account and editing the product/restaurant information.

5) What if I find a functional problem on the site or an "Error" message?
If you receive an error message or have difficulty operating the site, feel free to send an email to:

6) Why can I only enter city names, but not addresses for Restaurants?
The location is used to help other users search for Restaurants by city. You can include exact Restaurant addresses in the "Description" field for any particular restaurant.

7) What does it cost to become a Celiaccess member?
NOTHING! - There IS such thing as a free lunch - or at least free lunch information : ) Enjoy this free information, and return the favor by adding product/restaurant/recipe information to the site!

8) Why can't I search for gluten free recipes?
The recipe information page is under construction at this time. Please check back frequently for updates.

9) How do I search for a gluten free product/restaurants/etc.?
You will find an orange search bar in the top right corner of every page on the site. Type what your are searching for in this box and hit the "search" button to begin. Once you are on the search results page, you will then have more advanced options for fine-tuning your search.