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Celiaccess Launches "Gluten-free Near Me" Restaurant App at Atlanta Fair

DECATUR, Georgia (September 25, 2010) – Celiaccess is at it again - this time releasing yet another Android Application called "Gluten-free Near Me." Celiacces, the company which launched its popular gluten-free product and restaurant search engine in 2009 and a Gluten-free product barcode scanner earlier this summer, is now expanding it's mobile presence.

"Our Gluten-free Scanner app originally included featured a barcode scanner and product search feature, but it also tacked on a very basic restaurant search function (by name only). We quickly found that many users were confused by the first app because it did too many things, and they wanted to restaurant locator to take their location into account," said Trey Grainger, Founder and Chief Engineer at Celiaccess. "We decided that we would split the restaurant locator functionality into a separate app and improve upon it, adding GPS and location capabilities and providing the ability sort restaurants based upon your distance away."

Gluten-free Near Me makes it incredibly easy to locate the closest gluten-free restaurants and is especially handy for travelers who don't know about local dining options. "Since all of the restaurants in our database are submitted by users, this provides a great way for the gluten-free community to share dining suggestions with thousands of other users who are just a click (or tap) away," says Trey.

Celiaccess launched the app at the Atlanta Metro Celiacs' Gluten-free Vendor Fair, and the crowd response could not have been better. Considering the rapid adoption of Celiaccess's Gluten-free Scanner earlier this year (with is approaching 10,000 downloads already), Gluten-free Near Me is projected to take off quickly.

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Celiaccess Releases Gluten-free Scanner App for Android

DECATUR, Georgia (August 9, 2010) – The Gluten Free Scanner Android application was released this week for download in the Android Market. This application allows users to scan a product bar code and find information about the gluten status of a product. Application users also have the ability to search gluten free restaurants. The Gluten Free Scanner application is an extension of Celiaccess, a website launched in 2009, which allows users to quickly find current “gluten status” information about products and restaurants.

The Gluten Free Scanner was developed with busy grocery shoppers and restaurant-goers in mind. While on the run, a shopper can use the Android phone camera to capture the image of a product bar code. This bar code is used to locate the product in the database, and gluten free status information of the product is then displayed. This quick search process is aimed to help gluten-intolerant shoppers quickly determine what products are safe to consume.

The Gluten Free Scanner also has a function for searching gluten free restaurants. Eventually, this feature will provide a search via zip code function. This will allow individuals who travel frequently to easily locate gluten free restaurants in their vicinity.

Interest in Gluten Free Scanner is abundant. The application has been downloaded by hundreds of users within hours of its release. A Gluten Free Scanner-Premium, advertisement-free, version will soon follow.

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Debuts as Gluten-free Search Engine & Networking Site

DECATUR, Georgia (October 18, 2009) – made its debut this weekend at the Atlanta Metro Celiacs’ Gluten Free Products Fair. Started by a husband and wife team, Trey and Lindsay Grainger of Decatur, Georgia, Celiaccess is a website which allows users to quickly find the current “gluten status” information about products and restaurants.

Celiaccess is a free resource allowing users to submit product and restaurant information, which can then be accessed and updated by others members. “The idea is to empower the gluten-free community to both share and quickly find information about any product,” said Trey Grainger, the site’s architect. By giving users the ability to add, edit, or comment on products and restaurants, Celiaccess conveniently provides users with the most up-to-date gluten status information.

Celiaccess began as a concept over a year ago when Lindsay and Trey experienced the frustration of searching for gluten information online. “Reading multiple outdated message boards and browsing though pages of irrelevant search results can take such a long time. I just wanted a central website to visit for looking up gluten-free information,” commented Lindsay.

Interest in was overwhelming at the Gluten Free Products Fair on Saturday. Hundreds of individuals and families stopped by the Celiaccess table where they were able to learn about and try out the new site. Members of the gluten-free community are urged to visit the website, provide feedback, and most importantly—add products and restaurants. “While over 1,000 products are currently listed on the site, we’re counting on the community to add their favorite products and restaurants, making the site their own,” added Lindsay.

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